About me

My name is Daya Anandi.
This is my sanyas name – some people call me Yuli.
About 12 years ago, while studying, one of the main occurrences in my life happened – I met ReiKi.
By chance I found myself at ReiKi meeting called ReiKi circle where there were many people with interesting lives and stories about their practice of ReiKi. Then I received my first ReiKi treatment and in spite of the fact I didn’t understand what was this experience, I decided to jump into the unknown and study ReiKi , saying to myself: if only 1% of what people here share is truth, why shouldn’t I try?

I was lucky enough to meet traditional ReiKi in Usui System – called ReiKi Usui Shiki Rioho.
Almost 12 years of daily practice changed my perception and my health – physical and mental, events and flow of my life.
Since then I haven’t had any “ordinary” day.
My life is an adventure, where I reveal the beauty of existence – moment to moment.
In Japan the practice of ReiKi practice was called “art” – now I understand why –life with ReiKi is the art of being oneself, the art of revealing the uniqueness and the real nature of one’s own being.

Many years ago ReiKi saved one very important person in my life from cancer – then I heard a call to become a ReiKi Master.
I received the ReiKi Master initiation on 28/06/2006, I am very grateful for this honor to the World, my teachers – Shouria and Aria and myself.

Several months after the Master initiation I made my dream come true– I went to travel to Asia for one year. I was living in India, Nepal and Tibet, teaching ReiKi to travellers from different places on earth! I also lived in different meditation c amps, stayed several months in Osho commune, where I studied some other healing practice – meditherapy -and worked with people.

After coming back , my own little center of ReiKi, healing and meditation practices was born.

Since then many things happen – my own family came into existence, little daughter was born, many journeys in the world, one more trip to India, many meetings and partings, hearings, starts and falls, ReiKi lessons…

All these years I’ve been working with people in groups and with individuals, helping them to find their healing and answers and get to the self realization. I studied holistic couching, healing TAROT readings, deep body practices( Sun Touch) and many others.

And always, every day, I give gratitude to the Existence for the possibility to share ReiKi and support people on their way to happiness and realization.